Mahler Forum

for Music
and Society

für Musik
und Gesellschaft

“Imagine a work so great that the whole world is actually reflected therein – one is, so to speak, only an instrument upon which the universe plays.”

Gustav Mahler was far more than a composer; his music goes beyond sounding art as it indeed explores the human condition. His magnificent works reveal a human being who struggles with some of life’s key questions: Who are we? What can music, art, and culture accomplish? What is our relationship to nature? How do we deal with our identity?

This is the inspiration for the Mahler Forum for Music and Society, a locally based and globally connected culture format. In cooperation with the Mahler Foundation and other international and national musicians, artists, and authors, the Mahler Forum provides an open, interdisciplinary platform to examine the central issues of our time from the perspective of music and art.

In musical performances, lectures, discussion panels, and artistic interventions, we trace the power and visions of artistic and musical practice. How can they help us explore, create and implement new visions of our future?

Gustav Mahler composed many of his masterpieces in his Composing Hut in Maiernigg at the Wörthersee, which makes it an obvious choice as the association's seat and venue.

2021 marks the debut of the Mahler Forum for Music and Society, which will become an annual fixture in the region's cultural offerings.


Mahler Forum for Music and Society

Board of Directors

President: Felizitas Thun-Hohenstein
Vice-President: Morten Solvik
Secretary: Andreas Krištof
Deputy Secretary: Katharina Boesch
Auditor: Claudia Onitsch
Auditor Deputy: Michael Koschier

Artistic Advisor: Thomas Hampson
Scientific Advisor: Ulrike Sych

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